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ART, bands, A PLAY, dancing+ DJ Lemonie Fresh Friday AUGUST 1st

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I will be DJ'ing for this event August 1st.
REVERB: A vulgarization of Jean-Paul Sartre's vision of hell [that would be "No Exit" - s.]
Written and directed by Tracy Doyle and Ben Turk

Starring: Darrel Cherney, Judd Ottney, Meghan Reid, and Jessi Rivera

Performance will be held at Bucketworks, 1319 N. Third St., Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee artists display their works in the Bucketworks Gallery throughout the show

The performance of the play takes place each night at 8pm on the following dates:

Order of events is:
6 PM - Doors open; art gallery display
7 PM - Local band
8 PM - Play performance begins
9:30 PM - DJ/ Party (food, drink)
12a - Show's over!


Fri Aug 1st: [band] Klipspringer [dj] Lemonie Fresh
Sat Aug 2nd: [band] Fed by Fiction [dj] Paul Johanson
Sun Aug 3rd: [band] Divinity Falls [dj] The Demix

Cost: $7
For more information visit: www.s-martkino.com or www.bucketworks.org
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