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HERES THE REST OF MY RECORDS. kinda sorted by genre or whatnot, some are rare and i dont know how much to charge yet so if you see something you like, make an offer. if you have a question about color, condition, song lists, dont hesitate to ask. you can contact me here or on aim under the name "amyvomit".


80's (all early pressings, no reissues)
ac/dc - back in black
bill cosby - himself
billy idol - rebel yell
boston - self titled
cyndi lauper - she's so unusual
david bowie - lets dance
foreigner - self titled
hanoi rocks - back to mystery city
journey - captured
journey - escape
journey - frontiers
motley crue - shout at the devil
prince - 1999
prince - around the world in a day
prince - parade
prince - purple rain
prince - sign o the times
the cars - self titled
the rolling stones - some girls (original pressing, w/ uncensored inner sleeve)
the rolling stones singles collection box set (4 records)
til Tuesday - voices carry

indie rock
braid - lucky to be alive
chavez - gone glimmering
desparecidos - read muisc, speak spanish
hey mercedes - ep
jets to brazil - perfecting lonliness
joan of arc - live in chicago 1999
june of 44 - tropics and meridians
milemarker - anaesthetic
milemarker - future isms
modest mouse - good news for people…
modest mouse - the moon & antartica
pedro the lion - winners never quit
red stars theory - self titled
saddle creek - 50 (VA, the faint, rilo kiley, cursive)
the casket lottery - choose bronze
the casket lottery - moving mountains
the casket lottery - survival is for cowards
the promise ring - nothing feels good

rock, metal, hardcore, other
920 blues - wisconsin compilation
battles - tras
black cross - art offensive
darkest hour - the mark of the judas
dead kennedy's - bedtime in democracy (with original newspaper)
dead prez - hell yea (pimp the system)
dead prez - revolutionary but gangsta
dwarves - blood guts and pussy
electric frankenstein - the buzz of 1000 volts (picture disc)
from ashes rise - nightmares
is it…dead? - VA (botch, akimbo, teen cthulu)
kungfu rick - grinding to a halt (live at the fireside)
majority rule - emergency numbers
mara'akate - self titled
mc5 - kick out the jams (original pressing)
modern life is war - my love, my way
morbid angel - domination
pg 99 - document #7
phobia - grind your fucking head in
phoenix bodies/enkephalin - split
refused - shape of punk to come
rocket from the crypt - group sounds
sdos/sbm - split
sex pistols - nevermind the bollocks here's the.. (original pressing)
shellac - 1000 hurts (no cd)
since by man - we sing the body electric
teen cthulu - ride the blade
the blasters - self titled
the blood brothers - march on electric children (picture disc)
the dead milkmen - instant club hit (you'll dance to anything)
the dillinger escape plan w/ mike patton (orange vinyl)
the great redneck hope - 10" pic disc
the kissoffs - goodbye private life
the locust - self titled
the plot to blow up the eifel tower - dissertation, honey
the suicide file - twilight
this machine kills - death in the audobon ballroom
toilet boys - livin like a millionaire (picture disc)
undying - the whispered lies of angels


breather resist - the second half
drum machine madness (robotic empire comp, agoraphobic nosebleed, wadge)
fordirelifesake/hewhocorrupts - split
his hero is gone
hot hot heat
modern life is war
nasum - the black illusions
new bomb turks
pg 99 and city of caterpillar - split
pg. 99 document 11
phobia - enslaved
rescue/grayson - split
sarge - time after time
seven days of samsara - live on wnyu (diy sleeve, cardboard)
seven days of samsara/destroyer - split
small brown bike - no place like you
teen cthulu
the blood brothers
the blood brothers - ambulance vs. ambulance (pink vinyl)
the casket lottery - unteen
the international noise conspiracy - the subversive sound of the conspiracy
the mummies - planet of the apes
the red scare/orchid - split
the traitors
the white stripes - joleen/hello operator (picture 7" very rare)
this day forward - the transient effects of light on water (3 records all diff colors
throwdown - drive me dead
transistor transistor
tricky dick
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